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Review: “How to be a Perfect Christian”

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This. Is. Satire. That being said, I guarantee that people will take this book seriously. They just won’t get the joke. Satire is funny, but it serves a greater purpose. It uses humor to pull back the veil on our social constructs that make no sense. The Babylon Bee’s “How to be a Perfect Christian” does not disappoint in this regard. It draws us in with humor, but then gives us a funhouse mirror look at “cultural Christianity.” Just some of the topics at which it takes aim: Continue reading

Christianity and Politics (New Year’s Resolutions Part 4)

Over the last three weeks, I’ve taken a look at a few different New Year’s Resolutions for Christians in 2018. I’ve covered reading the Bible (and doing what it says), prioritizing church, and praying. Today, I want to cover something that is a little more sensitive to many people. It’s time for Christians to change the way we get involved in politics. Continue reading

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