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Review: “How to be a Perfect Christian”

DISCLAIMER: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

This. Is. Satire. That being said, I guarantee that people will take this book seriously. They just won’t get the joke. Satire is funny, but it serves a greater purpose. It uses humor to pull back the veil on our social constructs that make no sense. The Babylon Bee’s “How to be a Perfect Christian” does not disappoint in this regard. It draws us in with humor, but then gives us a funhouse mirror look at “cultural Christianity.” Just some of the topics at which it takes aim:

Do you have to be a Republican to be a Christian?

Where should you stand on gun control?

What is the perfect filter to use on that great picture of your open Bible?

What translation of the Bible should you use (and which will send you straight to you-know-where)?

The bottom line is that no one is safe. Everyone is in danger of getting offended by this book…and that’s a good thing. After all, we have in our relationship with God far too often created a set of unwritten (and sometimes written) rules that we feel we must follow to become Christians. We push these rules on ourselves and others, and that’s simply not healthy. A little offense goes a long way in pulling back the curtain on what we’ve gotten wrong.

Oh, and by the way…the twist at the end? Brilliant. You’re definitely going to love this book!

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  1. Terrific review. Love your insight and sense of humor. You definitey grabbed attention with insertion of topics: Repubican Christian, gun contro, and Bible version. That’ll get ’em every time.

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