Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. #PRHPartner

If I had to describe “The Life-Giving Leader” with one word, it would be “refreshing.” I have read a lot of leadership books, but Reagin is able to give leadership an entirely new perspective by talking about some well-known facts of leadership, but also bring in some new ideas. We have, far too often, replaced leadership skills, training, and self-improvement with titles, and Reagin takes us away from that. He teaches leadership from life-giving traits, not from titles. He is willing to take a difficult stance on hard work, and that stance is not common. In our culture, we have relied heavily on the phrase “it’s just my personality,” and he does not allow leaders to use that as a crutch. Instead, he touts the value of hard work to improve your leadership skills.

Many times, I have seen the concept of “keeping yourself healthy” be glossed over in leadership trainings, conferences, and books. Reagin is willing to give the difficult truth of keeping ourselves healthy as leaders in mental, spiritual, and physical health as well as creating healthy boundaries. We are not at our best as leaders unless we keep ourselves healthy in these ways. I appreciated that Reagin was willing to say that.

Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is in leadership or training for leadership. Reagin is able to breathe new life into old leadership truths, and is also able to touch on delicate subjects with Biblical accuracy.

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