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Picking the Right Songs for a Church

What is a curator? A curator is generally an overseer who is responsible for, among other things managing content and selection in their organization. As worship pastors, we must be excellent at curating our songs constantly. Often, we notice that songs have “slipped through the cracks”  and we are left wondering how in the world that particular song made it into our catalog. That’s something that a good curator fixes. So how do we decide what songs make it into the catalog of our churches? I would say that there are four tests a song must pass to make it into any given worship service. Continue reading

Non-Negotiables of Kids Ministry

A few days ago, I was working on my home office a little bit. I was finally able to finish up my favorite part of any office…the encouragement wall. Everyone that works with kids has one. It’s the wall full of notes, pictures, cards, and drawings from kids that we’ve affected. So that got me thinking about what every kid that is represented on that wall had in common. We made sure that for every kid on that wall, three things were present in that ministry. Every kids’ ministry has different strengths and weaknesses, but these three are non-negotiables. Continue reading

5 Things Worship Pastors Need to Always be Doing

A few weeks ago, I published an article entitled “Things Worship Pastors Need to Stop Doing.” It got a huge response, which was awesome, but I also wanted to take a look from the other side of the spectrum. What are some things that worship pastors need to always be doing? This list is definitely not exhaustive, but in my opinion it is what separates a worship pastor from a musician, a leader, or an administrator. An effective worship pastor must always be doing all of these things. Keep in mind, none of us can do all of these things equally well. None of us have reached the top in any area, let alone all of them. The important thing is that we never stop trying to get better in these categories.
Continue reading

Things Worship Pastors Need to Stop Doing

Christians are held to a higher standard. As church leaders, we should not only hold ourselves to that standard, but to one that is even higher. Because of this, I believe there are plenty of things that worship pastors need to stop doing immediately. Recently, I’ve seen plenty of things that helped me narrow it down to my top three. Continue reading

What Can Parenting Teach Us About Church Leadership?

Sometimes kids can be tricky. Sometimes, the church can be tricky. If you’re a church leader and a parent, you can definitely relate to what parenting can teach you about leading in the church. Continue reading

Leadership: Innovators and Copiers

The inventors and innovators of the world are some pretty incredible people. Where would we be without the automobile, indoor plumbing, cell phones, and the other amazing inventions out there. I’m typing this on a Mac. Where would I be without a Mac? I don’t even want to think about it. All of these inventions came from an innovator. But then, we have to see the flip side of the coin. This is the copier. The copiers simply wait for an innovator to come up with an idea, then they use it. Leaders have to be innovators. They cannot, and I truly mean cannot, be copiers. They must be innovators. Let’s take a look at some of the differences. Continue reading

The Worship Leader’s Job Description

Worship pastors, we often have lengthy job descriptions. Take a look at yours and see how many pages it has. Two? Four? Twelve? However, there are really three things that encompass your entire job description. Three little items that have huge ramifications. All of your activities every week should revolve around these three things. Continue reading

When Everything Goes Wrong

A little while back I published a blog about Treadmill Songs. In that blog I said “Every second [of a worship service] should be designed to bring people closer to Christ.” That statement, I believe, is 100% true. But just because something should happen doesn’t always mean it will happen. If you, as a worship leader, haven’t had a service derail and begin crashing into towns, destroying everything in its path, you may not have been leading very long. Or perhaps you are perfect. It’s almost certainly one of those two things. For the rest of us, we’ve led services that we feel like were a complete disaster. How exactly do we bounce back from those services? Continue reading

Getting Rid of “Treadmill Songs”

Anybody own a treadmill? I do. I actually use it during the winter when it’s too cold for South Carolina blood to run outside. But did you know that about 40% of people just don’t use their home exercise equipment? Just takes up space in the basement. Also, they’re kind of boring. In fact, I have to take a tablet downstairs to watch Netflix or read a book just to keep myself going. I believe that part of a Worship Pastor’s job should be to eliminate songs that function like a treadmill. So what are these “Treadmill songs?” Continue reading

Leaders and Non-Leaders

Contrary to popular opinion, not all people in leadership positions are leaders.  So how do we tell if we are serving under true leaders or just people with a leadership title? Continue reading

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