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Is Eclipse Day the End of the World?

Prophecies aplenty about the eclipse have been rolling in over the past few days. I’ve seen prophecies based on interpretations of dates, times, geographical locations, and durations. I saw one that said that the world would end based on the fact that only the US would see the eclipse. I’ve seen a couple that based it on dates between now and the next eclipse. I’ve seen a few that based it on loose (at best) interpretations of Greek and Hebrew letter shapes. Let’s be real: The “doomsdayers” are out in full force right now. But as Christians, what should we be believing about the end of the world? Continue reading

Babies, Churches, and Car Sales: My 2015

Well, 2015 didn’t go at all as I was expecting. Most years don’t, but it seemed like God worked above and beyond this year (and tested us constantly while He was doing it). Here’s my top 3 big things of 2015. Continue reading

A Few Strange Christmas Lyrics

Love it or hate it, Christmas music is out there. It’s been out there for a month now. A whole…month. Based on my reaction, you can probably tell that I’m not exactly partial to Christmas music. However, it’s got a great use in the worship service. With the beginning of Genesis Church, it’s been tough to do as much this year as I’d like, but stuff like that tends to happen when planning time gets cut short. Anyway, keep in mind this is somewhat tongue-in-cheek. I don’t hate these songs. I don’t hate Christmas music. I just think these lyrics are pretty weird, and that kind of makes them funny. Continue reading

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