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Things Worship Pastors Need to Stop Doing

Christians are held to a higher standard. As church leaders, we should not only hold ourselves to that standard, but to one that is even higher. Because of this, I believe there are plenty of things that worship pastors need to stop doing immediately. Recently, I’ve seen plenty of things that helped me narrow it down to my top three. Continue reading

Worship Expectations?

There has always been a large debate about whether God’s people should come to worship (privately or corporately) expecting something or expecting nothing. It’s really a pretty easy answer, but the issue is one of what we are expecting, not whether we are expecting. So what should we expect? Continue reading

The Worship Leader’s Job Description

Worship pastors, we often have lengthy job descriptions. Take a look at yours and see how many pages it has. Two? Four? Twelve? However, there are really three things that encompass your entire job description. Three little items that have huge ramifications. All of your activities every week should revolve around these three things. Continue reading

When Everything Goes Wrong

A little while back I published a blog about Treadmill Songs. In that blog I said “Every second [of a worship service] should be designed to bring people closer to Christ.” That statement, I believe, is 100% true. But just because something should happen doesn’t always mean it will happen. If you, as a worship leader, haven’t had a service derail and begin crashing into towns, destroying everything in its path, you may not have been leading very long. Or perhaps you are perfect. It’s almost certainly one of those two things. For the rest of us, we’ve led services that we feel like were a complete disaster. How exactly do we bounce back from those services? Continue reading

Getting Rid of “Treadmill Songs”

Anybody own a treadmill? I do. I actually use it during the winter when it’s too cold for South Carolina blood to run outside. But did you know that about 40% of people just don’t use their home exercise equipment? Just takes up space in the basement. Also, they’re kind of boring. In fact, I have to take a tablet downstairs to watch Netflix or read a book just to keep myself going. I believe that part of a Worship Pastor’s job should be to eliminate songs that function like a treadmill. So what are these “Treadmill songs?” Continue reading

The Faces of Worship

Every week, pastors, worship leaders, praise team members, and other people get the rare opportunity to look back at the mass of people in the congregation. Continue reading

Why Didn’t I Worship?

Many times in my career, I’ve heard people use some key phrases:

“I can’t worship like this.”
“I didn’t get anything out of worship today.”
“I feel like worship was dead today.”

What causes people to say these things? Continue reading

Preparing for Worship

First, keep in mind that worship is not just music. Corporate worship is a gathering of people to give glory to God. Private worship is giving glory to God by yourself. God does not take His worship lightly. Worship is your final fulfillment in God, the end-all of humanity, and Continue reading

What We Can Learn from Star Wars

How many of you have seen Star Wars: Episode IV— A New Hope? If you haven’t, you can check out the section I’m going to talk about below.

At the 2 minute mark, you can hear Obi-Wan Kenobi telling Luke to just use the Force. Luke foolishly switches off his targeting computer to get ready to fire two giant missiles at a 2-meter wide exhaust port. Then, you hear the voice of reason radio up from the Yavin base: “Luke, you switched off your targeting computer. What’s wrong?” Continue reading

Things New Worship Pastors Need to Know

At the end of this year, I started thinking about when I first got started in ministry. It’s funny, they never tell you quite what to expect. I think it’s partly because you’ll never understand until you’re in the thick of it. So, I took a look back at 2007 Chris and thought about the advice I would have given myself. Continue reading

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