One of the most awesome things about KidMin leaders is that they can, on the fly, construct sentences that no one should ever have to construct. If you get the privilege of working with kids in any role (teacher, pastor, leader, parent, etc.), you know that they can make you say some crazy stuff. Well, I got a text today from a KidMin leader that I’ve worked with for a number of years who is a teacher, and she sent me great one. I had a blog all ready to go for today, but just thought that maybe people out there would like a glimpse into some things that actually get said in kids’ ministries and schools all over the country. Yup, these are actually from my personal stash of “weird things that got said” and is added to from time to time by my leaders. Got any you want to add?

“Yes, you can go poop.” Doesn’t sound so odd, they’re just asking permission. But when the kid is already in their room, mere feet from the bathroom, maybe just go for it.

“Don’t eat that Band-Aid.”

“Don’t lick the other kids.”

“Don’t put sunscreen in your hair, it doesn’t need it.”

“Technically, you can fart anywhere.” This one was in response to the actual question: “Do you think I can fart here?”

“Stop riding the shark outside of the pool.”

“I left the shark in the auditorium.”

“I left the shark in the cafeteria.”

“I think I left the shark back at camp.” By the way, that’s the last we saw of Sharkie, our camp mascot.

“Please don’t put your dirty underwear in his mouth again.” And no, somehow this wasn’t a bullying situation. It was some sort of kid-invented game. 

“Just reach in the toilet and grab the brush, because I’m sure not getting it.”

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