This post totally could have been titled “Crazy Questions Kids Ask and What Happens When Adults Ask Them Too,” but I figured that would probably be too long.

Sometimes, I get some interesting questions from kids. They tend to sound completely off-the-wall. They sound like something we all should know. However, adults sometimes behave in such a way that it seems like they’re asking that question too. So, let’s take a look at the last question I got:

Who made God? Who raised God? Who were his parents?

OK. First, imagine trying to explain to a 2nd grader that God has always been around. Always. Anyway, I muddled through. Now I want to look at what happens when adults act like they’re subconsciously asking the same question.

We serve a shallow god

When this god has to be created, have parents, or be raised, it seems like we serve a shallow god. This god is obviously not the creator. He is the created. He’s not all-powerful. He’s not all-knowing. He’s not perfect, and he’s not good. This shallow god that needed to be created is no better than us. So what happens when we think that’s true?

We serve ourselves

If we’re as good as this god, why serve others? Why serve this god? Instead, we serve our own agenda. We don’t care about the lost. We worship ourselves and our own comforts and preferences. This stems from a distinct apathy towards the lost, which is the opposite of what the true God teaches.

We lose our love

When we worship a god that can’t have perfect love, we have no reason to love. Instead, we have emptiness that only the true God can fill. We fill it with other things to love. Materials, houses, other people. Or we fill it with hate. We fill it with conflict. When we lose our loving God, we lose everything.

How much of this have you noticed in your own life? Does it look like you might be asking the question “Who created God?” Does it seem like part of you might be serving the created rather than the Creator?

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