I’ll tell you what, the Bible is a tough book. Not just the length, or the more difficult books to get through, but the content. If you are reading the Bible and it feels too easy, you may be missing the “life change” part of it. Because when you allow the Bible to speak into your life about what needs to change, grow, conform, and reform, it gets downright uncomfortable. So what do we do when the Bible becomes uncomfortable?


First of all, you change your behavior. When the Bible gets uncomfortable, many times it is calling for personal growth, which is always uncomfortable. There’s a reason we call them “growing pains.” One of my biggest pet peeves, the kind where it just leaves you scratching your head, slack-jawed and mind blown, is when someone claims they are spiritually mature but refuse to listen to the Bible. The most common phrase is “Well, I know the Bible says that, but…” That “but” never leads anywhere useful. One of my friends recently began reading the Bible regularly and was amazed by the real-life advice that it gives. He has asked me, good-naturedly of course, whether I think that most Christians even read it. I told him that I do believe they read it, but they just don’t allow it to change them. So, the most important thing to do when the Bible challenges you is to change. Conform to God’s word, and you’ll be more like Christ. One of the best quotes I’ve heard lately is “If the you from 5 years ago doesn’t think the you now is a heathen, you’re probably not growing.” That’s somewhat true. If you are growing and changing, the you from 5 years ago probably doesn’t feel like that’s necessarily a good thing, and may not appreciate your growth. Read the Bible. Let it make you uncomfortable. And then do what it says.

Seek help

Sometimes, when the Bible gets uncomfortable, it’s because it is saying something that is way outside of current culture. For example, I have a good friend that likes to (jokingly) tell his wife to “be silent in the church.” This comes from 1 Corinthians 14:34, and it comes from a much different culture. So a new Christian reading this may think that she is completely banned from voicing anything in the church, which is definitely not what we want to see. So, when the Bible gets uncomfortable, change. When in doubt as to whether or not you should change, seek help! Find someone that knows a decent amount about the Bible. Not someone that only pretends to, but someone that you trust because you can see them living it out. It could be an elder, a friend, a leader in your local church, or your spouse. Just make sure that you get help.


When the Bible gets uncomfortable, rejoice! Be happy about it! It’s a tough situation, but it is one that we need to be joyful about. When you get hit with an “uncomfortable” chunk of Scripture, it means that you have been revealed something about the Bible, your character, and a direction you need to go. It means that you’re being tested and stretched. You’re being purified, and if you continue in the right direction, you’ll be more like Christ. It’s an exciting time for a believer!

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