So I was working through my Bible reading the other day, and I came across the building of the tabernacle in Exodus. Let’s face it. It’s usually pretty boring. However, God gave me a little more insight this time. Ever heard of Bezalel? I have no idea how many times I skipped over his name in this tabernacle construction narrative. However, I kept coming across his name along with some key phrases.

You keep seeing the word “skillful” come up near him. As a worship pastor (and someone that values skill in ministry in general), I stopped and took notice. This word appears with several other important descriptors every once in a while like “careful.” In our ministries, in our worship, in our lives, how can we learn from Bezalel about being skillful?

Bezalel was hand-picked

Take a look at Exodus 31:2. God specifically chooses Bezalel and fills him with the spirit. He also gives him the expertise needed. God has given us all expertise in some area, but we also need to have the spirit. God even sounds excited about Bezalen in verse 5: “He is a master at every craft.” God is excited at the premise that we have skills  and can use them to bring Him glory!

Bezalel had a team

Exodus 36:1 lets us know that there were more people than just him. Bezalel headed up the team, but he had plenty of people to help him do it. In 35:34, it’s obvious that God has given them the skills to teach others, which is essential for a team leader.

Bezalel had experience

According to scientific studies, it takes roughly 10,000 hours of intentional practice to become a master at any craft. Now, I don’t think God was referring to Bezalel’s time-clocked hours when He said that Bezalel was a master, but I do believe that he was referencing his experience. We aren’t born a “master” at anything. We have to practice at it. God was rewarding Bezalel’s hard work. God was also recognizing that He had brought Bezalel through this experience so that when it came time, he would be ready to serve.

Bezalel had a lasting legacy

When researching more about Bezalel, I was shocked to see that Exodus was not the last time he was referenced. I’m not very good at Biblical dates. However, the books I am looking at right now would say it is fair to assume that at least 500-700 years had passed between the books of Exodus and 2 Chronicles. However, in 2 Chronicles 1:5, the altar that he built is referenced! That’s a serious legacy. And to even get his name mentioned? They could have just said “The altar was there.” Instead, they mention him by name.

What’s the point?

The point really boils down to this: Good leadership, intentional hard work, a spirit-filled life, natural gifting, and a willingness to serve can do huge things. In this case, look what it did for Bezalel. It gave him the ability to serve in something huge. It also gave him a lasting legacy. How can your team implement these values?

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