According to Romans 12:1, we should be sacrificing ourselves for the glory of God. What does that look like? Since our core value is “Sacrificial Service,” I want to talk about how we can give sacrificially to help our worship service. Any of these that you can do will help our worship service be more focused on God, and allow the Holy Spirit more room to work in the lives of both believers and non-believers.

Sacrifice your seat

I know. You’ve sat there since you were born. Your name is engraved on the side. You paid for the church to have that seat. You need to sit there for some reason or another. I’ve heard it all before. And, the visitor that wants to sit there may have no reason at all. That’s still no reason for them not to sit there. The Gospel will make them uncomfortable later, so we want their seat to be comfortable to them.

Sacrifice your time

We have a million slots to fill during any given worship service. From technology to childcare to music, it takes a lot of people to make Sunday morning happen. Sacrifice a little time and get involved. Let someone know what you’re good at, and we’ll talk about it.

Sacrifice your money

Selfless giving is definitely Biblical. And, churches have needs to keep moving on. That money helps disciple other people and reach people with the Gospel. Make sure to give sacrificially.

Sacrifice your comfort

Some people are highly comfortable not talking to others. However, we want you to get out of your comfort zone. Make sure that other people in the building feel like we’re friendly. The quickest way to drive the unchurched away is to show them that the churched are unfriendly.

Sacrifice your preferences

Everybody has a preference. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. When you let your preferences dictate whether or not you worship God, there is something wrong with that. I have heard many people say that they “can’t worship” without (insert anything here). The problem with that is that you have allowed your preferences to hinder your worship. The Bible allows us to be very free with our worship service as long as it is God-honoring, and we have to sacrifice our preferences and accept that. Worship services, music and preaching styles, and facilities have been changing since Christianity came about. They have always changed based on their culture, and we need to continue that work.

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