Some of the most God-seeking Christians I know have dynamic prayer lives. Even Jesus showed us the true value of prayer. We often struggle with finding time to pray, how to pray, and making it meaningful, but I’d like to address something different. I’d like to talk about some things that should always come up in your prayer life.

The local church

The local church is how God accomplishes His mission. Using a body of believers, united under one goal, is the most proven way to reach out to our communities. Pray for that body. Pray for unity, for humility among believers, and for God’s will to be done even if it’s not your preferred vision.

Church staff

This may be difficult to believe (or maybe it’s easy to believe), but we’re not universally loved. We also get to deal with complaints, disunity, difficult decisions, and all the logistical problems that come our way. It’s not a feel-good job all the time. Sometimes it’s downright tough. We love to hear that we are being prayed for, because we need it.


Pray for yourself. Pray for your attitudes, preferences, and life to become more like Christ. Often, we have a problem with other people, other methods, or other beliefs. Sometimes, the problem isn’t in someone else. Sometimes, it’s in you. Be praying for God to help remove that problem.

Your community

Be praying for God to make a splash in your community. Pray for Him to soften up the area so that the local church can be a bigger influence.

A person

Make sure you’re praying for specific individuals. These could be Christians with problems that you know about, non-Christians that need Christ, the sick, the needy, or any number of people. Just make sure that you pick one and pray for them often.

Your government

Honestly, I don’t care where you stand on our current government. Love them or hate them, the Bible calls us to respect them (Romans 13:1). It also calls us to pray for them (2 Timothy 2:1-2). So, put down that hatred towards them and pray for them.

Do your part

Remember, none of this is important without you doing your part. You can pray for your community all you want, but God also calls us into action several times, including Matthew 28:18-20. You can pray for an individual as much as you can, but God has called us to share about Him. Prayer is a powerful tool, and we must use it, but God calls us into action as well.

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