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Courageous Outreach

When we talk about Courageous Outreach, what are we really talking about? What are some things that courageous outreach really entails? How easy is it? What does it take?

Courageous outreach takes…well….courage

A lot of people think that outreach is simply leaving a flyer on someone’s door. While this can be helpful Continue reading

Communicating God’s Word to Your Kids

When I asked around about parents talking to their kids about Christ, I realized quickly that this was something that most parents wanted to do. But, I also found:

  1. They didn’t know where to start.
  2. They didn’t feel like they had time to do it.
  3. They thought they had to talk about pretty much everything in one sitting.

So, based on the things I heard, I wanted to talk about how to talk about God to your kids. I use these in children’s ministry every single week, and I see these same tactics work week in and week out.  Try them out at home! Remember that this is incredibly important. Of the 168 hours in a week, they’ll spend about 3 with us (if we’re lucky) and you’ll get them around for a little over 60 when you remove things like school and sleep. This makes your job incredibly important, since Continue reading

Lifestyle Worship

One of FBC Mexico’s core values is Lifestyle Worship. It reads like this:  “We value lifestyle worship that exalts Christ in spirit and truth that offers our complete lives in joyful adoration and service to God.” So, how do we apply this value to our personal lives? Jeff and Ben will have some thoughts on this as well, but here are some of mine.

The first thing we need to understand is that worship and music are NOT synonymous. Continue reading

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