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Crazy Questions Kids Ask: Part 2

Sometimes, I get some interesting questions from kids. They tend to sound completely off-the-wall. They sound like something we all should know. However, adults sometimes behave in such a way that it seems like they’re asking that question too.

One night’s question was a big one asked by my 2nd and 3rd graders. “Is the Bible really true? All of it? All of it can’t be true.”

So, obviously we want to immediately say that we believe that the whole Bible is true. But what happens when we act like we don’t? Continue reading

Deceptive Markers of Spiritual Growth

I was reading about a guy in a church the other day. He was considered one of the most spiritually mature people around. He memorized whole chunks of Scripture, championed causes for the church, was put in incredibly important leadership roles, was a regular attender, and carried out “missions” for the church. He had been in church his entire life, was outspoken against sinners, and well-respected. Sounds like a pretty outstanding guy, right? Nope. Continue reading

What Would Jesus Tweet?

I often think of what Jesus would do, how he would be treated, and what his strategy would look like if he lived in our time. One thing that I am convinced he would do is use social media. I can definitely see Jesus using social media to create some new “red-letter words.” I am also convinced that there are ways that he would want us to use social media: Continue reading

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