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Stuff Kids’ Leaders Say

One of the most awesome things about KidMin leaders is that they can, on the fly, construct sentences that no one should ever have to construct. If you get the privilege of working with kids in any role (teacher, pastor, leader, parent, etc.), you know that they can make you say some crazy stuff. Well, I got a text today from a KidMin leader that I’ve worked with for a number of years who is a teacher, and she sent me great one. I had a blog all ready to go for today, but just thought that maybe people out there would like a glimpse into some things that actually get said in kids’ ministries and schools all over the country. Yup, these are actually from my personal stash of “weird things that got said” and is added to from time to time by my leaders. Got any you want to add? Continue reading

Non-Negotiables of Kids Ministry

A few days ago, I was working on my home office a little bit. I was finally able to finish up my favorite part of any office…the encouragement wall. Everyone that works with kids has one. It’s the wall full of notes, pictures, cards, and drawings from kids that we’ve affected. So that got me thinking about what every kid that is represented on that wall had in common. We made sure that for every kid on that wall, three things were present in that ministry. Every kids’ ministry has different strengths and weaknesses, but these three are non-negotiables. Continue reading

Don’t Stop Those Kids!

In Matthew 19:14, Jesus clearly says not to stop kids from coming to Him. If I asked you if you’ve been guilty of stopping kids from reaching Christ, my guess is you’d say no. But if we really look at it, are we guilty of stopping kids from coming to Christ? In reality, we probably all are to some degree or another. Let’s look at some of the ways we stop kids in their spiritual development. Continue reading

Parent or Pastor?

To some of you reading this, it will sound odd that I have been asked before if it is difficult to be a children’s pastor while not being a parent (although the whole “not being a parent” thing should end in the next week or two…or three). Some of you think it’s a perfectly normal question. However, it is a bit like asking an apple farmer if it is difficult to farm apples while not being an orange farmer. That’s because the roles are so completely different. Sometimes, kids fail to grow in Christ because these roles are so blurry. Continue reading

Thank You to Kids’ Volunteers

Some of the best people I have ever met work with kids. The people that work with kids at church are some of our biggest unsung heroes, so I just want to take a few minutes to thank them.

Thanks, men. In a time when Kids’ Ministry is seen as something that only women do, you provide a positive male role model for our kids that may not have one.

Thanks, women. In the time we spend trying to recruit men, sometimes we leave out the fact that we have many great female role models for the kids to look up to as well.

Thanks, moms , dads, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The last thing you want to do on a Sunday morning or a Wednesday night is wipe another nose, change another diaper, or explain to one more kid why they’ll break their arm if they don’t keep all four of their chair legs on the floor. But you  come anyway. Continue reading

Creating Authentic Relationships with Kids

Creating an authentic relationship with a child can be extremely difficult. Relationships are built on common ground, and common ground is fairly difficult to find with a 2nd grader. However, in the church, those lifelong authentic relationships have to be built across generations. Continue reading

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