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How NOT to Evaluate a Worship Service

Any worship leader knows that evaluating a worship service is very difficult to do. First, it’s very hard to set a tangible goal of a worship service. An intangible goal is pretty much impossible to measure. Second, most evaluations of a worship service will be based on the evaluator’s preferences. This makes it difficult to get a solid evaluation on the service because people will often like or dislike it based on what they like or dislike. However, I’ve had a few suggestions on how to evaluate a worship service that will lead you to the wrong place almost every time. Again, these are often so difficult to put a finger on that often they will be inaccurate.  And, check it out next week when I’ll take a stab at some ways to evaluate a service correctly. Continue reading

Leaders and Non-Leaders

Contrary to popular opinion, not all people in leadership positions are leaders.  So how do we tell if we are serving under true leaders or just people with a leadership title? Continue reading

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