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Back to School

Over the last week, and in the coming week, I’ll see hundreds of “first-day-of-school” pictures. That’s awesome. I’ve been working with many of your kids for years, and it’s been exciting watching them grow along with you, not just emotionally, physically, and mentally, but spiritually. And that’s the most important aspect when they head back to school. You see, we don’t want them to have a “Sunday Gospel.” That’s a really convenient thing to have. That’s easy. That’s the idea that you can learn whatever you want on Sunday, and live however you want from Monday through Saturday. No. We want them to see a life-changing Gospel. The kind that pushes them to live more like Christ every day of the week. And that’s what makes back to school important. Here are three specific ways that we work with your kids every week to make sure they’re ready to live their lives for Christ seven days a week, and how you can build on that message. Continue reading

Common Parenting Problems: Part 2

Last week, I talked some about some very common, but preventable parenting problems. This week, I’d like to follow up with a couple more. Again, keep in mind that these don’t come from parenting experience. These come from an outside-in look from kids’ ministry leaders that see how these things can affect your kids. Continue reading

Common Parenting Problems: Part 1

I’ve only been a parent for a little over a year now. Please keep in mind, this article doesn’t come at all from my experience as a parent. That would be like me writing about how to repair a Formula 1 race car. Sure, I’ve worked on cars, but I’ve got zero expertise in that area. Instead,  this article is coming from my experience working with kids as a children’s pastor. A lot of times, this helps because it’s often easier to see problems from the outside looking in. So what are some of the most dangerous parenting mistakes that your children’s leaders see? Take a look at these three, and then join up next week to see three more! Continue reading

What Can Parenting Teach Us About Church Leadership?

Sometimes kids can be tricky. Sometimes, the church can be tricky. If you’re a church leader and a parent, you can definitely relate to what parenting can teach you about leading in the church. Continue reading

Observations from Labor and Delivery

So I’m a dad now. Pretty exciting stuff! We sat in labor and delivery for a while. So, for those of you that aren’t dads yet, here are some observations for when you get in that room. Continue reading

Parent or Pastor?

To some of you reading this, it will sound odd that I have been asked before if it is difficult to be a children’s pastor while not being a parent (although the whole “not being a parent” thing should end in the next week or two…or three). Some of you think it’s a perfectly normal question. However, it is a bit like asking an apple farmer if it is difficult to farm apples while not being an orange farmer. That’s because the roles are so completely different. Sometimes, kids fail to grow in Christ because these roles are so blurry. Continue reading

Communicating God’s Word to Your Kids

When I asked around about parents talking to their kids about Christ, I realized quickly that this was something that most parents wanted to do. But, I also found:

  1. They didn’t know where to start.
  2. They didn’t feel like they had time to do it.
  3. They thought they had to talk about pretty much everything in one sitting.

So, based on the things I heard, I wanted to talk about how to talk about God to your kids. I use these in children’s ministry every single week, and I see these same tactics work week in and week out.  Try them out at home! Remember that this is incredibly important. Of the 168 hours in a week, they’ll spend about 3 with us (if we’re lucky) and you’ll get them around for a little over 60 when you remove things like school and sleep. This makes your job incredibly important, since Continue reading

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