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5 Tools Every Church Needs to Give Their Worship Pastor

Many times, decline in churches can definitely be attributed to a poorly done worship service. The reality is that these worship services could be done very well, but often the worship service is a poor one because the worship pastor is not given the tools they need to succeed. Too many churches would rather have congregational preferences take these tools away or limit them. This often leads to a “by-committee” design of a worship service. At the end of the day, God has called a person to run a worship service. That person trains tirelessly, reads about worship, studies worship, and puts a vast amount of time into planning. That person needs to be able to lead, and being at a worship service that is planned by an untrained committee is a bit like watching me try to use chopsticks (messy, awkward, and likely to end with food on my clothes). So what tools does a church need to give a worship pastor need to succeed? I’d also like to note, while I’m on the subject, that I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of a church that stocks my toolbelt. In fact, they stock it well enough that sometimes I feel like I can’t possibly use all the tools at my disposal. I love churches that set their people up for success! Continue reading

Parent or Pastor?

To some of you reading this, it will sound odd that I have been asked before if it is difficult to be a children’s pastor while not being a parent (although the whole “not being a parent” thing should end in the next week or two…or three). Some of you think it’s a perfectly normal question. However, it is a bit like asking an apple farmer if it is difficult to farm apples while not being an orange farmer. That’s because the roles are so completely different. Sometimes, kids fail to grow in Christ because these roles are so blurry. Continue reading

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