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Review: The Daily Question for You and Your Child

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. #PRHPartner

“3 years, 365 Questions, 1095 conversations.” That’s the tagline for “The Daily Question For You and Your Child.” And this book delivers. If you’ve been a part of a church where I’ve worked with kids, you know that I talk a lot about using your time with your kids wisely. I am a huge advocate of using little times throughout the day to talk with your kids. We often waste moments in the car, mealtimes, and bedtimes by not having spiritual conversations with your kids. I am a big proponent of reclaiming those times to have good discussions. But that’s not exactly what this book does. It doesn’t reclaim a time. It helps you create a time, and make a habit of creating those times. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions (Part 3): Pray More, Pray Better

For the past two weeks, I’ve written a couple of new year’s resolutions for Christians. First, I wrote about putting what the Bible says into practice. Then, I talked about making church a priority. Today’s subject is prayer. How can we pray differently in 2018? Let’s pray more and pray better. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions (Part 2): Prioritizing Church

Continuing in my current series of New Year’s Resolutions for Christians, I’d like to look at prioritizing church. If you missed last week’s resolution, you can check it out here! Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions (Part 1)

I hate New Year’s Resolutions. We put all this stock in the changing of a number, make a bunch of sweeping, life-altering declarations, and then we bail on them before February. But, as much as I hate the idea behind them, a new year does seem pretty special. It is, mentally, a little like a reset button. The important thing is not to forget that every moment of your life can be like a reset button. Broke your resolution? Get back at it. With that in mind, for the next few weeks, we’re going to take a look at what I think would be the best resolutions for Christians (including myself) to make for 2018. Continue reading

Live Like Jesus

Some of you have been asking about my upcoming book “Live Like Jesus.” Specifically, I’ve had some questions about release date, topics, and format. I don’t have a release date yet, as I don’t want to rush final proofreading and editing, but I am hoping for January. As far as topics and format go, I really just wanted to put out a book that allowed people to use the Bible to live more like Christ. I wanted to take a hard look at 10 character traits that were displayed by Christ, how he displayed them, and how we can do the same. To really see what this book is about and why, you can take a sneak peek at the introduction below. Enjoy! Continue reading

“Me too” and the Church

After the numerous allegations of sexual assault against various men in power, people have begun to speak up. #MeToo is a trending topic on almost all social media platforms. It was designed to show the world that many people have been sexually assaulted and harassed, and that they’ve been kept silent for too long. Christians can’t bury their heads in the sand in these situations. But what do we do? And please bear in mind that I am a man with no experience of being sexually harassed. I cannot begin to fathom the pain that people are going through and how degraded they must feel. All I know is what we, as Christians, must do. Continue reading

Worship and Tragedy

Just like everyone else, I woke up yesterday morning ready to jump into my day. Instead, people were pushed into trying to make sense of what happened in Las Vegas. The staggering numbers noting loss of life and injuries were almost too much to bear, and they just kept growing. That’s nothing compared to actually having to live out that tragedy. Most of us are back to normal life today, but the victims of this massacre won’t ever have the same “normal.” It seems like we’ve had an extra dose lately as well between the hurricanes and wildfires. Tragedy is everywhere, and nothing can stop it permanently until Christ returns. Then, as the Bible states in Revelation 21:4, “He will wipe every tear from their eyes, and there will be no more death or sorrow or crying or pain. All these things are gone forever.” But until then, tragedy exists. How can worship help us to reconcile tragedy with a loving, caring God? And as a side note, I’m not talking about just worship music here. I’m talking about a life lived in a way that brings glory to God. Continue reading

Is Eclipse Day the End of the World?

Prophecies aplenty about the eclipse have been rolling in over the past few days. I’ve seen prophecies based on interpretations of dates, times, geographical locations, and durations. I saw one that said that the world would end based on the fact that only the US would see the eclipse. I’ve seen a couple that based it on dates between now and the next eclipse. I’ve seen a few that based it on loose (at best) interpretations of Greek and Hebrew letter shapes. Let’s be real: The “doomsdayers” are out in full force right now. But as Christians, what should we be believing about the end of the world? Continue reading

Back to School

Over the last week, and in the coming week, I’ll see hundreds of “first-day-of-school” pictures. That’s awesome. I’ve been working with many of your kids for years, and it’s been exciting watching them grow along with you, not just emotionally, physically, and mentally, but spiritually. And that’s the most important aspect when they head back to school. You see, we don’t want them to have a “Sunday Gospel.” That’s a really convenient thing to have. That’s easy. That’s the idea that you can learn whatever you want on Sunday, and live however you want from Monday through Saturday. No. We want them to see a life-changing Gospel. The kind that pushes them to live more like Christ every day of the week. And that’s what makes back to school important. Here are three specific ways that we work with your kids every week to make sure they’re ready to live their lives for Christ seven days a week, and how you can build on that message. Continue reading

Out of Tune with God?

Last week at worship team practice, something sounded a little off during one of our songs. One of our worship team members looked around and grabbed his tuner. After checking his instrument, he knew someone was out of tune, and asked if it was me. Yup. I was just a little off, but that can make all the difference. When we are “out of tune” with God, it can be obvious to a “trained ear.” It can also be a hindrance to a group as a whole. What can we pull from this experience, and how can we tune up our spiritual life? Continue reading

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