Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. #PRHPartner

Christopher Yuan, in his upcoming book “Holy Sexuality,” uses every page to go where no one has gone in this subject. This is not, as one reviewer has said, a book about LGBT rights or a conversation about whether or not homosexuality is a sin. Instead, this is a book that uses that idea to springboard into a discussion about a Biblical framework for sexuality. He addresses a broad variety of topics in that discussion: heterosexuality, homosexuality, marriage, pornography, divorce, singleness, and friendship. What is good? What is right? What is holy? And, just as importantly, what can we do with that information?

To frame the idea that we have accepted broad-strokes heterosexuality as “normal” and skewed our ideas about what sin is, Yuan uses a conversation he had at a conference in which a mother, devastated by the fact that her son is gay, tells him that she just wants her son to be normal like her other son. When talking about her other son, she gushed with pride about the fact that he has a steady girlfriend and a baby on the way. In doing this, she has called one sin good and the other bad. We tend to do the same thing in other areas. Only by going back to the beginning and the basics can we begin to reframe the idea of a “holy” sexuality.

For those worried that this book will be another argument that is full of opinions and half-baked commentary on only one or two key Scriptures, rest easy. History will undoubtedly remember Yuan as an excellent teacher, a great theologian, and, most importantly to this book, an author who makes sure that he lays a firm foundation and carefully builds up his argument around this foundation. He leaves very little to prior knowledge and makes sure that the reader understands each concept before moving on to the next.

Never before have I read a book that so fully, accurately, and Biblically dissects these sensitive subject. For many readers, the dissection would have been enough. I, however, always want to see an author give us an application. Yuan does not shy away from this either. He gives implementable, helpful thoughts on how we should use this information in our everyday life. I would highly recommend this book to parents, pastors, and anyone who would like to improve their idea of holy sexuality.

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