Sometimes, I get some interesting questions from kids. They tend to sound completely off-the-wall. They sound like something we all should know. However, adults sometimes behave in such a way that it seems like they’re asking that question too.

One night’s question was a big one asked by my 2nd and 3rd graders. “Is the Bible really true? All of it? All of it can’t be true.”

So, obviously we want to immediately say that we believe that the whole Bible is true. But what happens when we act like we don’t?

Let’s make an assumption to make this a little easier. I will assume that we can all believe the parts of the Bible that we can prove are true. The disciples existed, Jesus existed, the Israelites were slaves in Egypt, etc. So, what about the rest? What about Jesus’s commands? What about Paul’s instructions to the church? What about the small percentage that maybe, truly, you just don’t want to listen to?

There’s some of those commands in the Bible. There’s things there that are honestly difficult. I’ll give you some examples:

Matthew 5:44. “Love Your Enemies.” It’s not easy to love someone that treats you badly. It’s hard to love someone that hurts you and hates you. It’s one of the Bible’s toughest commands. But, it is a command that we are told to keep.

Matthew 18:21-22. “Forgive.” That’s a tough one. Forgiveness is hard. Forgiveness is much more difficult than holding a grudge. But again, it’s something Jesus commands us to do.

Matthew 20:26-28. “Lead by Serving.” It’s hard to serve. It’s easier to direct, to manage, to dictate. However, a strong leader must serve.

So there are some tough things in the Bible. And those are all in just one book! So maybe you don’t want to listen to some of those. Maybe you don’t believe all of those. Maybe some of those, in your mind, are gray areas. I’d be willing to make a bet with you about those. I’d bet that those areas are the ones God is speaking to you about. Those sections are the ones that God wants you to struggle with right now. That’s going to be hard. It’s going to require growth. It’s going to require change. But if you are willing to listen and believe what the Bible says (and then put it into practice), following those Scriptures God is using to change you will be the most radically life-changing thing you can do.

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