What is greater than Christ for you? Remember in math, when they used to give you those problems? “X>Y when Y=…” Remember? Let’s solve for a different equation. X>Christ. Solve for X. You may say nothing. You may claim that nothing in your life is greater than Christ. You may be right, but you may also, even unknowingly, be wrong. Here are some ways to tell what is greater than Christ in your life.

You justify your sin with it

Ouch. I’ve justified sin many times in my life, and that’s wrong. Does your love for your job make you lash out in anger if you are criticized? Does your love for a particular style of worship lead you to constantly criticize other styles? Does your love for stuff cause you to handle your money badly? Do you justify your behavior with excuses, or do you admit your brokenness and ask for forgiveness? 1 John 1:8 says that if we claim we have no sin, we’re lying. Most people will never raise their hands and say “Here! Here! Look at me! I’m sinless!” But we do, in a very real way, claim we are sinless when we justify our sinful actions with excuses. There is never, in any situation, an excuse to sin. If you are using your love of something to make excuses for your sin, it’s probably greater than Christ in your life. 

Your time and money are prioritized around it

This doesn’t mean that I immediately think your house is greater than Christ in your life. I understand that your house payment is often bigger than what you give God. I also understand that you spend a lot of time with your family. Don’t misunderstand me here. But when your finances and your time begin to shift more towards your personal preferences, wants, and desires, you may be shifting away from God. Something may be becoming greater than Christ in your life.

Your friends can see your life centered around it

I have been described as many things in my life. I’ve been called many things in my life (some probably shouldn’t be repeated here…or at all). One thing that I know I have never been called is a fantastic lacrosse player. Why? I don’t care about it. I don’t know a single rule, I’ve never picked up a stick (if that’s what they use), and I’ve never watched anyone play. Sometimes, it’s the same way with our Christian walk. Some of us have never been described as someone that follows Christ with everything in us because no one has seen that from us. At that point, you know something is greater than Christ in your life.

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