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When the Bible Gets Uncomfortable

I’ll tell you what, the Bible is a tough book. Not just the length, or the more difficult books to get through, but the content. If you are reading the Bible and it feels too easy, you may be missing the “life change” part of it. Because when you allow the Bible to speak into your life about what needs to change, grow, conform, and reform, it gets downright uncomfortable. So what do we do when the Bible becomes uncomfortable? Continue reading

Crazy Questions Kids Ask: Part 2

Sometimes, I get some interesting questions from kids. They tend to sound completely off-the-wall. They sound like something we all should know. However, adults sometimes behave in such a way that it seems like they’re asking that question too.

One night’s question was a big one asked by my 2nd and 3rd graders. “Is the Bible really true? All of it? All of it can’t be true.”

So, obviously we want to immediately say that we believe that the whole Bible is true. But what happens when we act like we don’t? Continue reading

Stop Reading the Bible

Really. Stop reading your Bible. Immediately. Ok, fine. You caught me. I just wanted a shocking title that would help my page get more views. I’m generally an honest guy. The title here should have been “Stop JUST reading your Bible.” You see, some of us fallen into a trap in reading Scripture. It’s one that has to be corrected, or your spiritual life never progresses. Continue reading

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