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Syria, Arkansas, and Death: How Should Christians Respond?

There will be no politics in this post. If you were looking for me to bash or support our sitting president or any other politicians, you’ve come to the wrong place. I will, however, be talking about God, Christ, and how to live out our faith in a broken world. If you’ve come for that, keep on reading. Continue reading

Greater Than Christ

What is greater than Christ for you? Remember in math, when they used to give you those problems? “X>Y when Y=…” Remember? Let’s solve for a different equation. X>Christ. Solve for X. You may say nothing. You may claim that nothing in your life is greater than Christ. You may be right, but you may also, even unknowingly, be wrong. Here are some ways to tell what is greater than Christ in your life. Continue reading

Big Faith and Little Faith

What does “big faith” look like? What does “small faith” look like? The Bible is quite clear on both. We are constantly given examples of people with big faith. The Israelites had no idea that God was going to part the Red Sea. They were standing with an ocean in front and an army behind. Basically, it was a “how are we going to die” situation. They didn’t have big faith. Continue reading

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